Sunday, September 23, 2007

Abdussobur of Sijangkang, Kuala Langat, is Under 21 Champion!

Abdussobur with his rd.4 and overall champion trophies...
A tight final race with Abdussobur in the lead...
The champion and his biggets supporter, YB Datuk Abdul Fatah Iskandar...
The winners on the podium posing with the VIPs after the presentation...

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia– Sunday, 23 September 2007: Spurred by some 1000 hometown supporters from Sijangkang, a village situated 80 km from the city, mechanic Mohd Abdussobur Turino of Nova Racing Team penned his name as the first overall champion of the NFC Speedway Championship Under 21 category.

Leading the championship with 34 points on the night, Mohd Abdussobur wrapped the title in style by winning Saturday night’s Round 4 to the cheers of his adoring fans which included Sijangkang State Assemblyman Datuk Abdul Fatah Iskandar and family members.

“This win is amazing. I want to thank my family, Datuk Abdul Fatah and everybody who has been following my career, this is a dream come true,” said Mohd Abdussobur who garnered a total haul of 46 points. Muhammad Helmey Hamzah of Team Seri Putra was second with 42 points and Team Samudera’s Asrul Khairin Azizan third with 30 points.

“The pressure was on me all the time. I got a good start and I was flying in the first heat but then I started to struggle in Heat 2 and 3. The bike was skipping around and after 4 heats I dropped to fourth. I was disappointed and started to lose confidence. But the fans were remarkable, they cheered and cheered and that gave me extra motivation,” he told a press conference after the race.

Meanwhile, the final round also saw Sabil Mohamad Ali Hanafiah of Team Motivasi charting his first podium win by winning second. “The race tonight has certainly been one of the highlights of my racing career. It feels like a dream (to win) but I’m glad it’s real,” exclaimed Sabil.

Third place winner, Mohammad Helmey Hamzah said, “Third is OK. This is probably the hardest race I’ve done. A lot of mistakes happened. This is a difficult moment for me, I cannot remember when I had a worse feeling in a race. Again, I want to thank God and my team for my win. I hope to do my best in the National level next month.”

Commenting on the race, Abdul Fatah said the championship, the first kind of Speedway racing event ever held in Malaysia is an ideal platform for youths to show off their riding skills. “Looking at the performance of the riders, I am confident that this sport has the potential to develop world class riders. We will discuss the possibility of building a Speedway circuit in Selangor at the state executive councillors meeting this week,” he said.

A total of six teams competed in last night’s race. The teams are Team Titiwangsa, Team Maxi Alpha, Nova Racing Team, Team Seri Putra, Team Motivasi and Team Samudera.

The NFC Speedway championships, organised by the Malaysia Motorsports Organisers and Competitors Association (MMOCA) and promoted by Speedway Malaysia, is held every Saturday night at the Family Park near the Bukit Jalil Sports Complex until October.

Top six results, Round 4, Under 21: Mohd Abdussobur Turino /Nova Racing Team -12 pts, Sabil Mohamad Ali Hanafiah/Team Motivasi - 11 pts, Muhammad Helmey Hamzah / Team Titiwangsa -10 pts , Asrul Khairin Azizan / Team Motivasi - 9 pts, Mohamed Fuad Sahalizan / Team Samudera – 8 pts, Mohd Zulkhairi Johar ® / Team Motivasi – 7 pts

Top 6 championship positions: Mohd Abdussobur Turino / Nova Racing Team – 46 pts, Muhammad Helmey Hamzah / Team Titiwangsa – 42 pts, Asrul Khairin Azizan /Team Samudera -30 pts, Muhammad Yusof Omar/ Team Titiwangsa – 27 pts, Sabil Mohamad Ali Hanafiah / Team Motivasi – 25 pts, Mohamed Fuad Sahalizan / Team Samudera - 23 pts