Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mohd Ariff wins Under 25 Round 1

U-25 Rd 1 winners Ariff (top), Shukry (top left) & Haniff (top right) with Dep Director General of Ministry of Youth & Sports, En. Madzrib Ibrahim (centre in blue shirt), Trainer Linden Warner (left) and Referee Matthias Rohde (right).

Winner of U-25 Rd 1, Ariff posing with trophy



Kuala Lumpur, Sunday 29 July 2007 – Consistent off work training eventually led Mohd Ariff Mohd Ali, of Team Seri Putra to clinch victory in the Round 1 of the NFC Speedway Malaysia Under 25 Championship held at the Bukit Jalil Family Park Speedway circuit last night.

Mohd Ariff, a hospital attendant in Malacca finished first his team-mate Shukry Hanis Haslin andTeam Nova’s Mohd Haniff Borhan to the top of the podium.

The final was keenly contested amongst the six finalists as positions changed hands frequently amongst the top four.

“I usually spend four hours training at the drift site near the Hang Jebat Stadium after my morning shift ends and also on my off days. It helps me to be mentally and physically fit,” said Mohd Ariff.

Although he felt drained at the end of the day, Mohd Ariff said he prefered to let the desire to win triumph over fatigue.

“Today’s win is fantastic. After 6 heats, I was already confident to secure a podium win,” he said.

At the end of the preliminary 12 heats, Mohd Ariff and team-mate Shukry Hanis both secured 11 points with three wins and a second each while Mohd Haniff charted 10 points with two wins and two seconds.

The championships, organised by the Malaysia Motorsports Organisers and Competitors Association (MMOCA), is held every Saturday night for 15 weeks until December. Last night’s race was the first of five rounds for under-25 riders. The first round for the Open category begins next Saturday night on August 4.

A total of six team competed in the race last night. The teams are Team Titiwangsa, Team Maxi Alpha, Nova Racing Team, Team Seri Putra, Team Motivasi and Team Samudera.

"I am satisfied with the race held tonight as the riders have shown their best. Speedway is a mentally and physically challenged sport and the spirit of Malaysia Boleh among the riders is undeniably obvious tonight” said Hanifah Yoong, Speedway Malaysia consultant.

Entry to the Championship meetings every Saturday night is through purchasing the Championship’s souvenir book priced at RM6 each.

Children aged below 12 and accompanied by parents and the disabled are admitted free. Supporting the championship races are the JAWA 500cc demo races. Young Kiwi Speedway stars Sam Taylor and Andrew Aldridge again turned up to thrill the crowds last night with their JAWA 500cc bikes.

Speedway is a very exciting form of motorcycle racing where stripped down motorcycles race around an oval track on a surface of loosely packed crusher run stones compacted with shale. Speedway motorcycles perform without brakes, rear suspension or gears.

The sport started in the United States in 1908 and for the last 100 years has been confined to countries in Europe and America, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Pos/Rider/Team/Points after Rd 1

1st Mohd Ariff Mohd Ali Seri Putra 12
2nd Shukri Hanis Haslin Seri Putra 11
3rd Mohd Haniff Borhan Nova Racing 10

Monday, July 23, 2007

A resounding success by any measure!

We had Sam Taylor and Andrew Aldridge doing their exciting demo races with JAWA 500s 3 times...
We had the marching band to lead out all the 42 riders for U-21, U-25 and open championships...
We had the presentation of the riders to the VIPs followed by a stirring rendition of Negara-Ku, Malaysia's national anthem...
And more importantly enthusiastic and appreciative crowds...

The pitlane exit management was efficient and the races kept coming to thrill the crowds...
And all the night's races were closely fought...
As the U-21 riders vie for the championship trophies...
The champion of the night was crowned by YB Dato' Mohd Yasin, KSU KBS along with confetti showers...
Followed with post race press conference attended by all 4 TV stations and other media...
So, by any measure, Asia's first ever Speedway championship race, held last Saturday night on the 21st of July 2007 in Kuala Lumpur's Bukit Jalil Family Park was a resounding success!
And Speedway in Malaysia is set on it's road to be firmly established as a major motorcycling sport for the decades to come.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Azlan Suparman charts history in Asia's first Speedway race

Kuala Lumpur, Sunday – Mohd Azlan Suparman, 18 became the first Speedway motorcycle champion in Malaysia when he clinched victory in Round 1 of the NFC Speedway Championships Under 21 event held at the Speedway Circuit at the Family Park near the Bukit Jalil Sports Complex last night.

His win makes him the first rider to chart success at a Speedway event held the first time ever in the country and the whole of Asia.

Azlan of Team Seri Putra made a splendid debut appearance clinching 3 points. Mohd Abdussobur Turino, 18 of Nova Racing Team finished second with 2 points while Muhammad Helmey Hamzah of Team Titiwangsa finished third with 1 point.

“I am thrilled with this win. In the beginning, I did not expect to secure the first win of the Championships because Abdussobur’s results after the 12 heats were stronger than mine. I would like to thank my team and all the mechanics that have continuously given me their support and worked hard to ensure a win,” Azlan told reporters.

At the end of all 12 heats, Abdussobur secured 11 points while Muhammad Helmey charted 4 points.

“Although I finished second, I am excited with the win and to be among the first Malaysians to chart victory in a speedway race,” said Abdussobur.

The championships, organised by the Malaysia Motorsports Organisers and Competitors Association (MMOCA), will be held every Saturday night for 15 weeks until December. Last night’s race was the first of five rounds for under-21 riders. The first round for under-25 riders takes place next Saturday while the first round for the Open category begins on August 4.
"I am satisfied with the race held tonight as the riders have shown their best. I believe, after tonight the world will begin to look at us,” said Hanifah Yoong, Speedway Malaysia consultant.He said 42 local riders had undergone training under the supervision of New Zealander Ivan Mauger, nine-time World champion.

Speedway is a very exciting form of motorcycle racing where stripped down motorcycles race around an oval track on a surface of loosely packed crusher run stones compacted with shale. Speedway motorcycles perform without brakes, rear suspension or gears.
The sport started in the United States in 1908 and for the last 100 years has been confined to countries in Europe and America, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

1st Mohd Azlan Suparman Seri Putra
2nd Mohd Abdussobur Turino Nova
3rd Muhammad Helmey Hamzah Titiwangsa
4th Nor Sahrizal Mohd Nasir Motivasi
5th Nazhron Abdullah Nova

Friday, July 20, 2007

Big thumbs up for Speedway Malaysia circuit from New Zealand racers...while first Malaysian to test JAWA 500cc gets praises from Mauger

Andrew Aldridge (NZL) in action at the Malaysian Speedway circuit..."Good as any I've been."

Sam Taylor (NZL) loves the track...
Rody cannot contain his joy as he shows his delight on his first ever run on a JAWA 500cc by a Malaysian...

July 19, 2007 marks the day when the Malaysian Speedway circuit was certified fit for international racing after two Kiwi multiple champions, Andrew Aldridge and Sam Taylor rode the JAWA 500s in anger to test the first ever Speedway circuit in Malaysia.

They each rode the JAWAs in 2 sessions of 4 laps on the 19th and they rode together on the 20th in preparation for their 3 demo races for the big day on the 21st.

Meanwhile young Malaysian Rody Buang was given his first taste of the monstrous power of the 500cc JAWA under the watchful eyes on 9-time world Speedway champion, Ivan Mauger.

"He's as good as any European given a first test on the JAWA 500cc and I'm very very happy," beamed Ivan.

Rody cannot wait to test regularly on the 500s in between the Malaysian championship rounds run with the NFC Mk1 115cc Malaysian developed Speedway bikes.

Gates open at 6pm on Saturday, 21st July 2007 for the first Speedway race meeting at Bukit Jalil's Speedway Malaysia circuit located at the Family Park. In addition to the 12 heats, 2 semis and 2 finals spectators will be treated to 3 demo races by the Kiwi champions.

Admission is by buying the inaugural full colour souvenir programme priced at RM6.00 (less than US$1.80)..."Cheap! I can sell the programme at eBay for US$100 in 10 years time..." quipped a Speedway freak.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

30 days ago this was a rugby field...and now a Speedway circuit

Eight 10M high mast floodlighting turns night into daylight...

Pit area with 9 canopies and a container office...
New Zealand collaboration seems obvious here...
Malaysia and New Zealand in conference...
State of the art FIM approved race running equipment being installed...
Floodlighting adjustments made...
Today marks the 31st day of the beginning of construction of Malaysia's first Speedway circuit. Many can hardly believed that everything happened so quickly.
The track proper was ready to train some one hundred young Malaysian newcommers to Speedway in 2 weeks. With another 2 weeks, the track is almost ready to host Asia's first ever Speedway championship race series starting in 3 days from now on the 21st Jul 2007.
This will inevitably be a proud day for us all motorsports lovers in Malaysia as we celebrate our 50th anniversary of Malaysia's independence.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Location maps to Speedway Malaysia track and cafe

Speedway Malaysia track location: Direction to the Speedway Malaysia track is head north towards K.L. coming from KLIA or head south exiting K.L. city centre...take the road beside the hockey stadium at Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex and go uphill to the Family Park. The track is walking distance from the LRT station of Bukit Jalil. (click above image to enlarge)

Speedway cafe location: The cafe is located in Bandar Seri Putra approximately half way between K.L. and KLIA...take the exit between the Bangi exit and the KLIA exit while on the KL to Seremban highway. (click above image to enlarge)

Last weekend saw the first official Speedway Malaysia practice sessions by the 6 entered teams

The teams' practice sessions were held on the Saturday 7 July and Sunday 8 July from 4pm to 7pm.
All the teams riders were coached by former British Speedway league pro rider Linden Warner under the guidance of Ivan Mauger from Australia. Linden was assisted by local road racing ace turned Speedway rider, Rody Buang from Klang.
The riders kept improving as usual and they were running in fives and sixes with close contact racing towards the later part of Sunday.

The Speedway track is coming along nicely...

View of the pitlane exit
Pit area being prepared before tentages are put up.
The 200 KVA generator arrived today.
View of the referee's tower from the startline.
Another view of the referee's tower.

With just under 2 weeks to go, the track is really looking good. We had the fence painted and the track surfaced rebuilt to last for 4 races before needing any grading stop. There are no longer any ruts as we thin down the top surface. The base is hard and holding well.

These pics were taken this morning showing the delivery of the 200KVA generator and the referee's tower. The catch fencing and electrical works will be completed on the week of the first race scheduled on the 21 Jul 2007.
Signages and decoratives will be up by the day before raceday.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Speedway clinics photos

These pics were taken at the Speedway clinics conducted by Ivan Mauger on the 1st of July 2007.

The riders kept improving with each outing.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Watch prime time Bernama News on Astro to stay in touch with the latest on Speedway Malaysia

Bernama TV has been appointed the Official TV Production Partner of Speedway Malaysia.

Get all you need on Speedway Malaysia during prime time in the following channels on Astro:

  • Prima Ch 8 English 7.30pm each night
  • Ria Ch 4 B.Malaysia 8.30pm each night
  • AEC Ch 19 Mandarine 10.30pm each night
  • Vanaavil Ch 6 Tamil 8.00pm each night

Speedway Malaysia's TV promos run 6 times a week and news coverage of what Speedway is about with coverage of the Saturday night races will be aired for every round.

Speedway racing clinics held in Family Park Speedway circuit 30 June & 1 July

Session 4 participants - Sunday, 1 Jul afternoon
Session 3 participants - Sunday 1 Jul morning
Session 2 participants - Saturday 31 June afternoon
Session 1 participants - Saturday, 31 June morning

Sixty eight newcomers to Speedway racing were put through their paces by 9-times world Speedway champion, Ivan Mauger.

Every rider in each session went out on their own after tips from Mauger and they later went out in close racing in pairs, threes and fours.

The Speedway master was well pleased with the vast improvements of all the riders with each outing.

A final 36 riders were selected along with 6 reserves for the 6 teams that have entered the inaugural Speedway championships for under 21, under 25 and open riders.

The teams will have more practices this Saturday 7 Jul and Sunday 8 Jul from 4pm to 7pm at the Family Park Speedway circuit at Bukit Jalil's National Sports Complex. All are welcome to watch F.O.C.

The opening event will be held at the Family Park Speedway circuit starting from 8pm on Saturday, 21 July 2007.

For more information call: 03-8926 1054 or email

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The first programme to develop the grassroots needs an entry level Speedway bike

The 115cc NFC Mk1 developed by Speedway MalaysiaIvan Mauger with Speedway Malaysia's Raja Norzaini

Speedway being new in Malaysia, we have to develop a Speedway bike for the entry level novice racers who have never raced in Speedway style before. In fact nearly all the riders who will start the championships have never raced in any form of motorcycle racing legally before.

Therefore the Speedway Malaysia developed 115cc NFC Mk1 will feature in the inaugural NFC Speedway championships for under 21, under 25 and open riders.

NFC Mk1 Technical Specifications:

Weight: Original Momos 115cc: 95Kg, Speedway Malaysia “NFC MK1”: 52kg

Power: Original Momos 115cc: 15hp, Speedway Malaysia “NFC MK1”: 19hp


Chassis:- Lighten & modified frame to suit Speedway geometry.- Strengthened & relocated rear suspension points.

Suspension:- Harder Fork – re-valved internals- Custom fabricated spindle and hub bush from stainless steel- Removed brakes- 1.6 X 18" front wheel- 1.85 X 17" rear wheel- Solid rear suspension

Engine - 24mm Flat Slide Racing Carburators- Custom made inlet manifold- Megaphone exhaust- Modified wiring harness- Modified ignition system

Others- 3litres alluminium fuel tank- Speedway foot peg- Speedway specification handlebar geometry

Transmission- One gear drive- 13/37 final drive- Heavy duty chain

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Speedway seminar held at the Ministry of Youth & Sports

Signing in...

More than 120 paerticipants turned up from as far as Kelantan and Johore Baru and Kedah...
Ivan Mauger arrived from Australia on this very morning to give his advice...
At the end of the seminar participants were interviewed...

The Speedway seminar conducted by MMOCA represented by Ivan Mauger and Hanifah Yoong was held on the 29th July 2007 at the Ministry of Youth & Sports.

More than 120 participants turned up from all corners of Malaysia...mostly under 25 and many were in their teens.

There was a workshop for Speedway Malaysia officials in the morning and the seminar held in the afternoon lasted till well into sunset...the participants were enthralled by the plans revealed by Speedway Malaysia.

The costruction of Malaysia's first Speedway circuit at Family Park

The referee's tower area being prepared by the start straight

The track

Here are some of the photos taken just a week ago.

The 290M circuit, located at the Family Park of the National Sports Complex at Bukit Jalil in Kuala Lumpur, took shape in matter of days and was completed ready enough for the first ever series of Ivan Mauger Speedway clinics to evaluate the Malaysian riders.