Sunday, September 2, 2007

Abdussobur wins rd. 3 of under-21 to lead championship

Winner, Abdussobur, leads the pack in grand final race...
Abdussobur, a star in the making...

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Sunday, 2 Sep 07: Mohd Abdussobur Turino of Nova Racing Team won Round 3 of the NFC Speedway Championships Under 21 in the pouring rain at the Speedway Circuit at Bukit Jalil held last night. Abdussobur rode an almost faultless race and never looked under threat all the way to the chequered flag.

Second in Round 1 and Round 2 held in July and August respectively, Abdussobur marked a stunning return to the winners' podium and topped the under 21 overall standings with 34 points. “In the first part of the race it was light rain and there were a lot of people going fast but a couple of corners later they'd be on the ground, so you weren't too sure how hard to push. I’m glad I rode cautiously and very, very happy my strategy worked. I would like to dedicate my win to my family and friends who are present here tonight for their support,” he said.

“To win in front of all these people is incredible," exclaimed Abdussobur. "It's hard to explain the emotion I felt when I heard the crowds cheering for me on the last few laps. I need to say thank you to all of them,” he added.

Mohd Faizul Ferdaus Mahd Idros of Team Maxi Alpha finished second while Mohd Azlan Suparman of Team Seri Putra was third. Round 2 winner Muhammad Helmey Hamzah of Team Titiwangsa had to settle for fifth.

“I admit I was slightly pressured by the wet condition tonight. The slippery track particularly at the corners was really challenging. I also fell a couple of times during the heat and the final round and that was really tiring. I aim to do my best in Round 4,” said Helmey who is now second in the overall standings with 30 points.

Meanwhile, Speedway Malaysia Resident coach Linden Warner commented about the adverse racing condition, "All the boys from the semi finals onwards did really well in handling the very different track condition in the rain. It is not easy to race in the rain as the gravel gets stuck on their visors and visibility is poor in the lashing rain. Tonight also showed us all how mentally strong Abdussobur is and I think he is a star in the making."

Warner also remarked that the track which was built for all weather use held up really well in the first Speedway event held in the rain in Malaysia.

The championships, organised by the Malaysia Motorsports Organisers and Competitors Association (MMOCA) and promoted by Speedway Malaysia, is held every Saturday night until November. Last night’s race was the third of the four rounds for the Under 21 Category. The final round for the Under 21 will be run on September 22.

A total of six team competed in the race last night. The teams are Team Titiwangsa, Team Maxi Alpha, Nova Racing Team, Team Seri Putra, Team Motivasi and Team Samudera.

Speedway is a very exciting form of motorcycle racing where stripped down motorcycles race around an oval track on a surface of loosely packed crusher run stones compacted with shale. The sport started in the United States in 1908 and for the last 100 years has been confined to countries in Europe and America, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Top five results, Round 3, Under 21 : (Muhamad Abdussobur Turino /Nova Racing Team -12 pts, Mohd Faizul Ferdaus Mahd Idros/Team Maxi Alpha -11 pts, Mohd Azlan Suparman / Team Seri Putra - 10pts, Muhammad Yusof Omar/Team Titiwangsa-9 pts, Muhamad Helmey Hamzah/ Team Titiwangsa – 8 pts)

Top 5 championship points after Round 3: (Mohd Abdussobur Turino/Nova Racing Team-34 pts, Muhamad Helmey Hamzah/Team Titiwangsa-30pts, Mohd Azlan Suparman/Team Seri Putra-28pts, Mohd Faizul Ferdaus Mahd Idros/Team Maxi Alpha- 26pts, Nor Sahrizal Mohd Nasir /Team Motivasi -23pts)


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