Thursday, August 30, 2007

Selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan ke-50


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rody doubles up - in rd 2 of Open championship

Winners with Datuk Astaman who presented the winner's cup...
Rody in action in final race
Rody centre flanked by Nazrie on his right and Azmi...

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Sunday, 26 Aug 2007 – Rody Sofian Buang, 26, who is Malaysia’s first JAWA 500cc trainee and riding for Team Seri Putra, showed mastery skills to repeat his round 1 win in last night’s Speedway Malaysia’s NFC Open Championship round 2 held at the Bukit Jalil Family Park in Kuala Lumpur. Rody thus became the first Speedway double winner in Malaysia as the other two championships for under 21 and under 25 riders saw different winners after two rounds had been run. Nazrie Ramli of Team Titiwangsa finished second.

Earlier, second spot finisher Nazrie gave Rody a scare when he capitalised on Rody’s mistakes and beat Rody to second place in heat 11. Rody’s team-mate, Azmi Kaseran took the final podium spot with a determined charge in the final race to edge out Amli Jamat of Team Nova.

It was a very tense final race as Rody knew he had to protect his reputation for being selected to be the first JAWA 500cc trainee but his defeat in heat 11 did not affect him. Nazrie was buoyant after beating Rody in the heat and he knew he had to give his best with his team sponsor Datuk Astaman Abd Aziz, MP of Titiwangsa present at the event watching him. The final saw very close racing between the two but in the end Rody prevailed.

“It was not as easy a win as people may think as Nazrie put up a really good fight. We are all very happy that our team has two on the podium and we aim to win the championship for everyone who has supported us and the team,” said Rody after the prize presentation ceremony.

Nazrie thanked his sponsor, Datuk Astaman and his team members who gave him a lot of support but said, “Rody was just too good tonight but I will keep on trying to beat him in the remaining rounds.”

Azmi was overjoyed with his first podium finish and said, “I am very happy to accumulate the points. My objective is to finish in the top three in the championship.”

The championships, organised by the Malaysia Motorsports Organisers and Competitors Association (MMOCA) and promoted by Speedway Malaysia and Kuasa Maksima, is held every Saturday night at the Bukit Jalil Family Park from 8.30pm.

Admission is free for the Merdeka and Ramadhan month of August and September. During the fasting month of Ramadhan, the races will start at 9pm.

For more details of the championships and spectator information readers are requested to contact Speedway Malaysia at tel: 03-8926 1054 or email: or fax: 03-8926 1504.

Top-six results Open championship Round 2:
Rody Sofian Buang-Team Seri Putra, 2. Nazrie Ramli-Team Titiwangsa, 3. Azmi Kaseran-Team Seri Putra, 4. Amli Jamat-Team Nova, 5. Nur Azman Masdar-Team Titiwangsa, 6. Mohd Azlan Abdullah-Team Nova.

Open championship top-6 points after Round 2: 1. Rody Sofian Buang-24points, 2. Nazrie Ramli-22, 3. Azmi Kaseran-19, 4. Mohd Azlan Abdullah-15, 5. Amli Jamat-15, 6. Khairul Azuad Mahamad Rosdi-Team Samudera-11.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Videos from U25 Rd2 run on the 18 Aug 2007

The grand final race was incident filled with Haniff winning by a nose from Shahril with Fizwan third.

With this win, Haniff now leads the under 25 championship after round 2. Here's the prize presentation clip.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Haniff wins U25 Rd2 by a nose from Shahril

Winners of Rd2 celebrate...
Start of Grand Final race...Haniff in red helmet, Shahril in green and Fizwan in blue...
Haniff's and family after win

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Sunday, 18 Aug 07: Mohd Haniff Borhan of Team Nova took full points for round 2 of the Under 25 NFC Speedway championship last night with the narrowest of wins from Mohd Shahril Sarahman of Team Motivasi. The top two in the grand final race was seperated by just 15cm at the line.

Third was Mohd Fizwan Mohd Ridwan of Team Maxi Alpha.

After the preliminary 12 heats, winner Haniff only accumulated 7 points with three seconds and a third out of a maximum 12 points for four rides. Haniff said, "I rode cautiously and accumulated enough points for the semi final and did enough to be second in my semi final for an all out assalt for the grand final. I am very very happy my strategy worked and I would like to dedicate my win to my family and Speedway Malaysia who gave me the chance and support to achieve this."

The leader after 12 heats with 11 points from 3 wins and a second, Mohd Emy of Team Titiwangsa fell in the semi final while round 1 winner Mohd Ariff Mohd Ali of Team Seri Putra had engine problem in his semi final while leading and failed to qualify for the final.

The night was not short of excitement and incidents as fourth finisher in the grand final, Abu Khaleel Samsun of Team Seri Putra had his 8 championship points removed by the meet referee, Matthias Rohde of Germany after he defied the referee's decision for exclusion in the re-run of the grand final race.

Top 5 championship leaders after round 2 in the Under 25 championship are: 1. Mohd Haniff Borhan - 22 points, 2. Mohd Ariff Mohd Ali - 16, 3. Mohd Shahril Sarahman - 16, 4. Mohd Fizwan Mohd Ridwan - 16, 5. Azizi Anuar, Team Samudera - 16.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Videos of Under 21 Rd 2 held on 11 Aug 2007

Grand Final race...exciting race and close finish won by Helmey with Abdussobur second and Asrul third.

Prize presentation ceremony...see the joy in their faces!

JAWA 500cc demo runs by Linden Warner & Malaysia's Rody Sofian Buang...they are visibly faster than last week.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Helmey wins rd 2 to lead U-21 championship with Abdussobur

The jubilant trio...
They're off...
Helmey and his biggest fans, his family

Kuala Lumpur, Sunday, 12 Aug 2007 – Muhamad Helmey Hamzah, 18 capped off a successful hunt when he scored his first career win in Round 2 of the NFC Speedway Championships under 21 last night.

Dominant from the start, Helmey of Team Titiwangsa topped the standings after the 12 preliminary heats with 3 wins and a second giving himself 11 points. Helmey then scored second in his semi final losing to Mohd Abdussobur of Team Nova but returned strongly to turn the table on Abdussobur in the grand final race. Asrul Khairin Azizan, who rides for the Team Samudera, rode consistently to finish third in the grand final.

Helmey who was third in round one 3 weeks ago now leads the championship with Abdussobur with 22 points each after round 2.

“Once again, I want to thank my team and mechanics for their perfect strategy. It was a great battle as most of us were out to win. Compared to Round 1, the other riders showed their strength in different parts of the track tonight. It’s not easy now, but I hope to maintain a win in the remaining three rounds,” said Helmey who finished third in Round 1 of the NFC Speedway Championships held on July 21.

The night race was exciting right from the start with most of the thrills provided by the top three of Helmey, Abdussobur and Asrul together with Round 1 winner Mohd Azlan Suparman of Team Seri Putera. Helmey was visibly faster in the corners while Abdussobur claimed advantage on the straights. Azlan, was luckless as he tried hard to defend his round 1 title but lost his place in the grand final when he mistakenly mistook the last lap flag for the chequered flag while leading his semi final race.

"When Azlan crashed out early in the heats, I cautioned myself to not be so reckless because at the end of the day, earning championship points was a lot more important to me than a round win. I gave my all to overtake Abdussobur in the grand final race and by the final two laps I knew that I had the win well in hand," added Muhamad Helmey.

Meanwhile, Speedway Malaysia Hanifah Yoong said the riders have shown tremendous progress over the past three weeks. “Speedway Malaysia will select five riders to train on JAWA 500cc race bikes to prepare them for the international Speedway scene. Therefore, we hope the government and private sector will come forward and provide the necessary support,” said Hanifah.

The championships, organised by the Malaysia Motorsports Organisers and Competitors Association (MMOCA) and promoted by Speedway Malaysia, will be held every Saturday night for 15 weeks until December. Last night’s race was the second of the first five rounds for the Under 21 Category. The second round for the Under 25 will be run on August 18.

A total of six team competed in the race last night. The teams are Team Titiwangsa, Team Maxi Alpha, Nova Racing Team, Team Seri Putra, Team Motivasi and Team Samudera.

Full results Round 2, Under 21 : (Mohd Helmey Hamzah /Team Titiwangsa-12 pts, Muhamad Abdussobur Turino /Nova Racing Team -11 pts, Asrul Khairin Azizan /Team Samudera-10pts, Nor Sahrizal Mohd Nasir /Team Motivasi - 9pts, Muhammad Yusof Omar/Team Titiwangsa-8pts, Mohd Faizul Ferdaus Mahd Idros/Team Maxi Alpha-7pts, Mohd Azlan Suparman/Team Seri Putra-6pts/Zulzharif Zahar-Nova Racing Team-5pts, Mohd Dahreen Yunus/Team Maxi Alpha-4pts, Raimi Amzar Zamali/Team Seri Putera-3pts, Sabil Mohamad Ali Hanafiah/Team Motivasi-2pts, Mohamed Fuad Sahalizan-Team Samudera-1pt, Nazhron Abdullah-Nova Racing Team-0 pt)

Championship points after Round 2: ( Mohd Abdussobur Turino/Nova Racing Team-22 pts, Muhamad Helmey Hamzah/Team Titiwangsa-22pts, Mohd Azlan Suparman/Team Seri Putra-18pts, Nor Sahrizal Mohd Nasir/Team Motivasi-18pts, Mohd Faizul Ferdaus Mahd Idros/Team Maxi Alpha- 14pts, Asrul Khairin Azizan/Team Samudera-14pts, Muhammad Yusof Omar/Team Titiwangsa-11pts,Nazhron Abdullah/Nova Racing Team-8pts, Sabil Mohamad Ali Hanafiah/Team Motivasi-8pts, Mohamed Fuad Sahalizan/Team Samudera-6pts, Raimi Amzar Zamali/Team Seri Putra- 5pts, Mohd Dahreen Yunus/Team Maxi Alpha-5pts, Zulzharif Zahar/Nova Racing Team- 5pts)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Linden Warner (GB) first public outing after 18 years and Rody Buang (MAL) who is just starting out in Speedway in action on JAWA 500cc Speedway bikes

Linden, 44, has not raced a Speedway bike since 18 years ago and he was just getting into re-training his former skills. He is here in Malaysia as Ivan Mauger's assistant in coaching local riders in Ivan's absence. Rody Buang at 25 is Malaysia's first rider to try out the JAWA 500cc race machine as he debuts in public.

Both are far from their best but they both want to share with the Malaysian spectators how a Malaysian can start out on his career in Speedway racing...that Malaysians if given the opportunity and funding to allow them to train intensively, they can be on the way to race internationally in a few years' time.

In a few weeks' time, as both riders gather more speed we will find a video posted here which shows them doing the demo together...meanwhile enjoy this video clip of them in action on the night of 4th Aug 2007 at Speedway Malaysia...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Prize Presentation Ceremony for the Open Championship Rd 1 held on 4 Aug 2007

Prizes were presented by the President of the Selangor Tourist Association, Taib Wahab, Consultant of Speedway Malaysia, Hanifah Yoong and the Chief Executive of Motorsports Commission of Malaysia, Nordin Yasin.

Open Championship Rd 1 Grand Final video

Results: 1st Rody Sofian Buang - Team Seri Putra, 2nd Nazrie Ramli - Team Titiwangsa, 3rd Mohd Zulkhairi Johar - Team Motivasi, 4th Azmi Kaseran - Team Seri Putra, DNF Khairul Azuad Mahd Rosdi - Team Samudera and Mohd Azlan Abdullah - Team Nova.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


Winners Rody (centre), Nazrie (left) and Zulkhairi in jubilant mood on the podium...
Presentation made by Chief Executive of Motorsports Commission of Malaysia, En. Nordin Yasin.
First Malaysian 500cc Speedway trainee, Rody Buang being introduced to the world.

Kuala Lumpur, Sunday – Rody Buang, 25, of Team Seri Putra stormed to a emphatic win in Round 1 of the Speedway Malaysia NFC Open Championship held at the Family Park circuit last night despite having to double up in making two demo appearances.

He charted 12 points to beat Nazrie Ramli of Team Titiwangsa who came in second with 11 points. Mohd Zulkairi Johar, of Team Motivasi finished third with 10 points.

“I am happy to win. It all points to hard work and discipline. There was no shortcut to success. A couple of smart strategies helped too,” said Rody. After a series of cautious preliminary runs, Rody turned on the power in the semi final and final and rode like a man possessed, finally worked his way up to take victory.

Rody’s victory completed a perfect opening round for Team Seri Putera whose riders Mohd Azlan Suparman and Mohd Ariff Mohd Ali won the Under 21 and Under 25 categories on July 21 and July 28 respectively.

It was also a memorable night for Rody as he also made appearances to become the first Malaysian rider to try out the World Championship JAWA 500 cc bike in public under the watchful eyes of Linden Warner who is Ivan Mauger’s assistant based in Malaysia.

The championships, promoted by Kuasa Maksima (a wholly owned subsidiary of Speedway Malaysia) and organised by the Malaysia Motorsports Organisers and Competitors Association (MMOCA), is held every Saturday night for 15 weeks until December. Last night’s race was the first of five rounds for the Open Category. The second round of the Under 21 championship begins on August 11.
A total of six team competed in the race last night. The teams are Team Titiwangsa, Team Maxi Alpha, Nova Racing Team, Team Seri Putra, Team Motivasi and Team Samudera.

Meanwhile, Hanifah Yoong, Speedway Malaysia consultant said all the winners from the three championships championships will be given the chance to test the JAWA 500cc bikes and be evaluated by 9-time Speedway world champion, Ivan Mauger. A total of four riders will be selected by Speedway Malaysia to join Rody in Malaysia’s elite training squad to be groomed for international Speedway racing.

Full results – Speedway Malaysia Open Championshp Round 1:
1. Rody Sofian Buang/Team Seri Putra-12 pts, 2. Nazrie Ramli/Team Titiwangsa-11 pts, 3. Mohd Zulkhairi Johar/Team Motivasi-10pts, 4. Azmi Kaseran/Team Seri Putra-9pts, 5. Khairul Azuad Mahamad Rosdi/Team Samudera-8pts, 6. Mohammad Azlan Abdullah/Team Nova-8pts, 7. Amli Jamat/Team Nova-6pts, 8. Juhari Mohd Jaafar/Team Samudera-5pts, 9. Ridzuan Kornin/Team Motivasi- 4pts, 10. Nur Azman Masdar/Team Titiwangsa-3pts, 11. Abdul Jamil Mokhtar/Team Maxi Alpha-2 pts, Zuhaili Norhan/ Team Maxi Alpha-1pt

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Here are Sam Taylor & Andrew Aldridge once again but at Speedway Malaysia on the 28 July 2007

See Andrew perform his incredible "stunt" at the end of the clip...

Speedway Malaysia: Video of Under 25 Rd. 1 Grand Final race held on 28 July 07

Mohd Ariff of Team Seri Putra wins this thriller grand final race for U-25 rd.1 with team-mate Shukry second and Haniff of Team Nova snatching a late final podium place from Azizi of Team Samudera.